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Top 5 Pre-Wedding Relaxation Tips

  • Prioritize Sleep

Sleep sets the tone for your day.  If you have a rough nights sleep, your more likely to be less productive and eat worse the next day.

Everyone’s needed amount of sleep per night is different.  I personally adore a solid eight hours of sleep per night. Leading up to my own wedding I saw sleep as my “me” time.  Each night I treated myself to a solid pre-sleep routine of tea, reading a non-fiction book to calm the mind and a good snuggle with my now hubby.

As tempting as Netflix can be, turn off all screens and relax!

  • Drink lots of water

Drinking water will make you feel more energized throughout the day and it will give your skin a nice glow!

Grab a reusable water bottle and fill that sucker a couple times a day.  Trust me, your mood and skin will thank you!

  • Get Moving

See a trend here?  Feeling relaxed is all about the basics get your bod moving each day. This can include going for a walk with the future hubby, going for a run, crossfit, attending a spin class or power shopping for wedding accessories.  Girl, you know how much of a workout shopping can be!

  • Do some at home yoga or meditation

To some people, yoga and meditation can seem intimidating.  Let go of those worries, because yoga and meditation can be whatever you want it to be.

My suggestion is signing up for programs like the Soul Squad.  It’s an online meditation program that walks you through the basics of meditation in a supportive community.

  • Go to Thermea

Treat yo self!  Going to the spa or Thermea is the perfect way to relax before the wedding.  To help you let go of any pre-wedding anxiety I will be giving away two passes to Therema at the Wedding Planning 101 Workshop I’m hosting at the Wonderful Wedding Show on January 19 and 20!!!  You will be entered to win the two passes by attending the FREE workshop. The winner will be drawn on Monday, January 21, 2019 and they will be contacted via email.

CLICK the link below to register for the workshop!

Bridal Fitness Series – Yoga

Welcome back for week 2 of the Bridal Fitness Series!  I’m super excited to introduce Samantha Squire as this weeks guest blogger.  Samantha is a Winnipeg yoga + meditation + fitness guru!


A lot of brides come to me before their wedding day with specific health and wellness goals in mind so they can look and feel amazing on their wedding day. Whether they join my bootcamp program or come to my yoga classes, they want to do something good for their wellbeing, so they can feel like a bombshell walking down the isle.


Right before the wedding day, brides are working hard to achieve their fitness goals. Feeling good and being confident on the big day is important, but so is feeling clear, calm, and centered. By practicing more restorative yoga postures, breathing exercises, and meditation, I promise even bridezilla can mellow out and find her inner peace. Certain yoga classes can be physically challenging to help a bride achieve her fitness goals (if you’ve taken any of my classes you know how notoriously hard they can be). Instead of including a crazy core routine, I included three specific yoga postures and my favorite breathing exercise to help reduce stress, reduce fatigue, and help sooth your nervous system.

Alexandra Lillian Weddings and Events_Winnipeg Wedding Planner_Bridal Fitness Blog Series

Alexandra Lillian Weddings and Events_Winnipeg Wedding Planner_Bridal Fitness SeriesAlexandra Lillian Weddings and Events_Winnipeg Wedding Planner_Bridal Fitness Series


Bridal Fitness Series – Strength Training Workout

Hi everyone! My name is Johanna Seier, and I am a women’s fitness trainer and lifestyle coach from Winnipeg, Canada. I specialize in helping women of all fitness levels achieve their long-term goals through my customized training programs, and a major focus on self-love, confidence, and body positivity.

Throughout my time in the fitness industry, I have worked with brides in bootcamps, one-on-one sessions, with customized online programs, and through the use of my 10-week transformation program The Fit Girl Guide, to prepare for their wedding and feel their absolute best on the big day. Although I have yet to tie the knot myself (That day is far away, although I’m definitely already feeling for my hypothetical future hubby…. I’m pretty sure the term bridezilla will be somewhat accurate when my day comes.) I truly do understand the significance of wanting to look and feel nothing but completely confident and amazing when that day arrives. Unfortunately, I also know the stress, anxiety, and unhealthy mentality that many women feel forced to adopt in order to get themselves “wedding ready”. So when Alex asked me to share my insight on preparing for your wedding and feeling your absolute best in the healthiest way possible, I couldn’t have been more excited. My ultimate goal with this series is to show you that what you want to achieve CAN be done, but you have to go about it in the right way, and with a healthy positive mindset in order to make it happen.


First things, first: Let’s hit STOP on the panic button. If right now you are in any way freaking out, attacking yourself for the way that you look, or considering doing something drastic and unhealthy to be ready “on time” seriously please stop now. Positive, long-lasting changes can be made, but not from a position of self-hatred! Accepting yourself and loving yourself for who you are right now, while acknowledging that there are changes you are going to commit toward making, is going to be the only way to set yourself up for true long-lasting success in any fitness endeavor.


Alexandra Lillian Weddings and Events_Winnipeg Wedding Planner_Bridal Fitness Series

Okay, so second: It’s time to commit. Write down what you want to achieve, and make a plan! Let me just preface this by saying that if your plan is to workout for 6 hours a day, 7 days a week, and eat nothing but chicken and broccoli… its not going to happen. Whatever your plan may be, it needs to be something that works for YOU and fits into your actual routine. Everyone’s lifestyle is different, and what worked for your bff on her big day, might not be the same thing that’s going to work for you. If you work crazy hours each day, maybe you need to squeeze in those lunchtime workouts. If you’re a new mom, maybe it’s not realistic to get to the gym, and you need to get things done at home. Whatever your plan may be, make sure its something that you truly can stick to, and feel motivated and passionate about making it happen.

At the end of the day, when it comes to the results that the majority of brides talk about seeing, words come to mind like, “tighten” “tone” “lean” etc. If you are looking to sculpt your body, shed some fat, and gain some lean muscle tissue definition, there are going to be three major components that will all be key to your success; strength training, cardiovascular training, and proper nutrition. Each of these things will play an absolutely vital role into getting you to your goal!

I will be sharing both customized strength and cardio workouts, to show you the most effective ways possible to train. I’ll warn you now: these workouts are designed to be a challenge! But if you’re willing to get sweaty and put in the effort, you’re going to feel incredible and see results both in the way you look and feel.

Strength Training Workout:

Although so many women tend to run away from the weights in favor of cardio, it truly is the key to achieving a toned, svelte bridal bod. Not only does strength training increase your lean muscle tissue, it increases your metabolic rate, and torches a ton of calories. This workout is designed to be performed with the most minimal equipment possible (all you need is a medicine ball!) and in the comfort of your own home. So grab a mat, clear 35 minutes out of your day, and prepare to get wedding ready.

Complete each circuit 3 times through, moving efficiently from one exercise to the next. Once you’ve completed a circuit 3 times, rest for 60 seconds before moving on to the next one!


Circuit #1:


Jump Squats x 20
  • Stand up straight with your shoulders back and core tight.
  • Lower down into a squat.
  • Jump straight up in the air as high as you can, swinging your arms back for momentum.
  • Land softly, toe-to-heel into a squat and repeat.
Medicine Ball Glute Bridges x 12/leg
  • Place the medicine ball up against a wall or something stable.
  • Lie on your back with one heel on top of the ball and straighten your resting leg so that your knees are next to each other.
  • With your hips just above the floor, press into the ball with your heel and push your hips up as high as you can into the air.
  • Pause for 2 seconds and squeeze hard before lowering hips and repeating.
Lunges with a Twist x 15/leg
  • Standing tall and holding the medicine ball up in front of your body, lunge forward with your left leg.
  • Your back knee should be just above the ground and your front knee should be angled slightly outward with the weight primarily in the outer edge of your foot.
  • Twist your torso toward your front leg slowly (while you are still holding the lunge)
  • Return to center and step back foot forward, repeating the movement on the opposite leg and moving in a forward direction.

Alexandra Lillian Weddings and EVents_Winnipeg Wedding Planner
Alexandra Lillian Weddings and Events_Winnipeg Wedding Planner


Circuit #2:


Rolling Med Ball Push-Ups x 10/side
  • Get into a push-up position with one hand on the medicine ball and one hand on the ground.
  • Complete 1 push-up
  • Roll the ball along the ground, pushing it to your opposite hand and repeat on this side.
Thrusters x 12
  • Stand tall, holding your medicine ball against your upper chest with your glutes squeezed and core engaged.
  • Lower into a squat and power straight upward, thrusting the medicine ball straight up overhead.
  • Make sure to use your legs and glutes for power (this is a full-body movement!) and to keep your core engaged so that your back doesn’t arch.
Tricep Push-Up Burpees x 12
  • Starting in a straight-arm plank position, complete a tricep push-up ensuring your elbows go straight back and not out to the side (note: drop to your knees if needed, its way better to modify so that you can have perfect form!).
  • Jump your feet toward your hands and explode straight upward into the air. Land softly, place your hands on the ground, jump your feet back into a plank and repeat.

Alexandra Lillian Weddings and EVents_Winnipeg Wedding Planner


Circuit #3:

Spiderman Planks x 8/leg
  • Get into plank position with straight arms.
  • Lift your right leg off the ground and bring it to the outside of your body, with your knee reaching toward your right elbow.
  • Hold here for three seconds before lowering your leg and repeating with the left leg to the left elbow. This is one rep.
In and Outs x 12
  • Get into a V-sit with your core engaged in a straight line, and your legs out in front of you with your feet off the ground.
  • Bring in your knees toward your chest and touch your toes.
  • Extend back out, straightening your legs all the way out in front of you.
Mountain Climbers x 1 minute
  • Get into a straight-arm plank with your body in line and your wrists stacked directly under your shoulders.
  • Drive one knee up toward your chest, keeping your hips square and body in plank position.
  • Continue to repeat this, alternating legs.
  • As soon as one foot touches the ground, the other one should immediately leave it.

Bridal Fitness Blog Series

I’m so excited to announce the Bridal Fitness Blog series starting on Monday June 6!  This series is perfect for brides wanting to look and feel like a bombshell on their wedding day.  Who wouldn’t want to feel confident and sexy on their big day?
For this series, I’m giddy to say that Samantha Squire and Johanna Seier with be guest blogging on cardio, strength, yoga, and meditation.  Both ladies bring their own experience and expertise to each topic, and in case you haven’t notice these two boss babes are ruling the yoga and fitness scene in Winnipeg!
Get ready for a fitness routine you can do at home, and tips and tricks that will help you stay cool, calm, and collected on your big day.