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Sara and Brendan’s Backyard Wedding

Sara and Brendan’s Backyard Wedding

Like many COVID-19 couples, Sara and Brendan had to pivot their original wedding plans.  Sadly, a few months before the wedding their original venue had to close their doors.  After giving it some thought, Sara and Brendan decided to host their wedding at home in their backyard.  It was the perfect spot for their fun, laid-back vibe.  

I always recommend for couples to have a drink available for guests upon arrival.  A traditional drink would be a class of sparkling wine.  Sara and Brendan added a special twist, and mixed things up by having shots of Fireball for guests.  How fun!

Another way that Sara and Brendan mixed things up was with their dinner!  Instead of doing a traditional sit-down dinner, they ordered individually packaged shawarma bowls from Shawarma Khan.  This was not only a delicious option for guests but also a great COVID-19 alternative! 

Although, this was not their original plan for the wedding, it sure turned out beautifully!

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