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Top 5 Bridesmaid Duties


Plan the bachelorette and bridal shower


Sit down with the other bridesmaids over cocktails and plan out these events together.  Remember the bridal shower is a larger event for friends and family invited to the wedding, while the bachelorette is only for the closest friends.  Follows these steps to plan a bridal shower and bachelorette:


  1. Choose a date: You will never satisfy everyone, but be sure that the people most important to the bride are able to make the event. Also be wary of competing events (especially those related to another bride in the same general group of friends).
  1. Choose a venue: It is common to host a bridal shower at a community club, restaurant or country club. Don’t underestimate the amount of work and space required (ie: be triple sure that the host knows all that is involved if you decide to do it at someone’s house).


  1. Create a guest list: Be sure to put together a formal invite list and run it not only by the bride, but also the other bridesmaids. Missed invites (even if unintentional) can cause feelings to be hurt and can take away from the events themselves.


  1. Choose a theme: The theme you choose will set a tone for the event.  Think about your bride’s interests and hobbies.  Is your bride into the outdoors?  Why not rent out the warming hut at the St. Vital Duck Pond?


  1. Send out invitations: While formal invitations are still the norm, e-invites have become more commonplace. If you are on a budget, don’t feel pressured to spend more than you need on invitations.



Help run errands

Remember those fun napkins from the décor company?  Offer to pick them up before the wedding as this will relieve a lot of stress off of your bride.  With one less thing to do she will be able to focus on last minute details.




Attend the Rehearsal

No matter if it’s your first or fifth time being a bridesmaid, it’s always important to be there for the wedding rehearsal.  The officiant or wedding planner will walk the bridal party through the ceremony until everyone feels comfortable and confident for the big day.  The wedding rehearsal takes place one or two days before the wedding. Remember that while it is common to have a couple drinks the night of the rehearsal, do not overindulge as the next morning is commonly an early one with a lot of responsibilities to come your way.

Act as a day-of contact

Your friend will most likely have a wedding planner helping her on the big day.  Offer to be the day-of contact for the wedding planner.  This will allow your bestie to relax and enjoy being pampered on the morning of her wedding.  As the day-of contact you will be the point of contact for the planner to check in and see how everything is going and ensure the day is running on schedule.  Don’t worry, this job is super easy!  All you have to do is keep your cellphone nearby to respond to the odd text message or phone call.  Maybe send a few selfies of the girls over to the wedding planner, it will definitely brighten up their morning.




Be a good friend

Your friend chose you to be a part of their wedding day because they love you to the moon and back.  Planning a wedding can be a stressful time, show the bride kindness and support throughout the planning process.  Remember, this is the brides wedding day NOT yours.  Be a kind word of reason, but do not be negative and always look for the positive in situations (even if the decisions don’t necessarily reflect your personal preference).


Take your friends mind off of planning and go for a drinks with the girls one night.  This will allow you to cut loose and take everyone’s mind off of the wedding.  Cosmo’s anyone?



I hope my top 5 bridesmaid duties help you become the best bridesmaid for your bride! <3

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